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CGP Grey
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27.11.2023 Mon +617,983 $ 231 - $ 1.39K
24.11.2023 Fri +553,489 $ 207 - $ 1.25K
21.11.2023 Tue +728,388 $ 273 - $ 1.64K
16.11.2023 Thu +521,686 $ 195 - $ 1.17K
12.11.2023 Sun +547,795 $ 205 - $ 1.23K
09.11.2023 Thu +437,142 $ 163 - $ 983
05.11.2023 Sun +495,123 $ 185 - $ 1.11K
02.11.2023 Thu +503,135 $ 188 - $ 1.13K
30.10.2023 Mon +910,894 $ 341 - $ 2.05K
27.10.2023 Fri +866,769 $ 325 - $ 1.95K
23.10.2023 Mon +1,373,780 $ 515 - $ 3.09K
20.10.2023 Fri +400,078 $ 150 - $ 900
17.10.2023 Tue +495,294 $ 185 - $ 1.11K
13.10.2023 Fri +550,424 $ 206 - $ 1.24K

CGP Grey biography

CGP Grey is an educational YouTuber known for his informative and educational videos on various topics. With a distinctive animation style and clear narration, Grey has gained popularity for his ability to explain complex subjects in a concise and engaging manner. His YouTube channel features videos on topics such as history, politics, geography, and science. Each video is meticulously researched and presented with visual aids to aid understanding. Grey's videos have garnered millions of views and have been praised for their informative and entertaining nature. In addition to his YouTube channel, Grey has also collaborated with other creators and has been a guest on numerous podcasts. He is known for his attention to detail and his ability to simplify complex information, making it accessible to a wide audience. CGP Grey continues to create educational content, striving to make learning engaging and accessible to all.

CGP Grey controversies

CGP Grey's channel has not been associated with any significant controversies. Grey maintains a neutral and objective approach in his videos, focusing on presenting factual information rather than promoting personal views or ideologies. As an educational YouTuber, his content is well-researched and backed by credible sources. Grey's dedication to accuracy and his commitment to providing unbiased information have contributed to the success and credibility of his channel. He has built a reputation for delivering reliable educational content, making him a trusted source of information for his viewers.

CGP Grey famous quotes

The rules for moving to a new country are complicated, but it turns out, the rules for being a country are even more complicated.
The US and Canada have a surprisingly complex system to determine which country you are physically in when you visit.
The more closely you study the structure of government, the less sense it makes.
Clearly, I wasn't paying enough attention to the tiny details hidden in plain sight.
Humans have a natural desire for a narrative structure in the things that they consume.
It's hard to look at the history of scientific discovery and come away feeling anything other than humble.
A lot of the world looks black and white from a distance.
It was a mess because at the bottom of it all, time travel isn't important. It's inevitable.
Constitutional governments are a different creature from other forms of government.
Good representation, for the people who do it well, is a lot of work.
It's not just human nature but every system is biased by the designed outcomes.