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U2VEVO net worth

$ 690K - $ 4.14M *

U2VEVO income

$ 1.93K
last 7 days
Estimated earnings
$ 17.7K
last 30 days
$ 43K
last 90 days

As an official Vevo channel, U2VEVO is a part of a larger business venture that involves multiple music labels and the YouTube platform. Vevo is a joint venture between Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group. Therefore, it is challenging to determine the net worth of U2VEVO as an individual entity. However, it is important to note that U2, the band associated with U2VEVO, has an estimated net worth of over $800 million. This impressive figure is primarily attributed to their successful music career, extensive touring, and various commercial ventures. U2 has consistently ranked among the highest-earning artists in the world, making them one of the wealthiest bands in the industry. U2VEVO, as a channel dedicated to promoting U2's music, undoubtedly plays a significant role in enhancing their overall net worth.

*Notice: this net worth is estimated based on revenue from YouTube advertisements only. This value does not take into consideration other sources of income.

U2VEVO estimated earnings by months

MonthEstimated earnings
November 2023$ 19.9K
October 2023$ 21.1K
July 2023$ 13.9K
June 2023$ 15.9K
May 2023$ 19.3K
April 2023$ 18.4K
March 2023$ 21.7K
February 2023$ 19.5K
January 2023$ 18.6K
December 2022$ 20.4K
November 2022$ 17.5K
October 2022$ 19.5K
September 2022$ 10.6K
August 2022$ 16.7K
July 2022$ 16.8K
June 2022$ 15K
May 2022$ 12.3K
April 2022$ 12.6K
March 2022$ 17.4K
February 2022$ 5.52K
December 2021$ 10.5K

U2VEVO Frequently Asked Questions

When was U2VEVO established?

U2VEVO was established on [establishment date].

Who are the members of U2?

The members of U2 are Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr.

What is U2VEVO's most viewed video?

As of now, U2VEVO's most viewed video is [video title] with [number of views].

Has U2VEVO won any awards?

U2VEVO has been recognized with numerous awards, including [list of awards].

Is U2VEVO active on social media?

Yes, U2VEVO is active on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

What is the genre of U2's music?

U2 is primarily known for their rock music, but their style incorporates elements of alternative rock, post-punk, and pop rock.

How many albums has U2 released?

U2 has released [number of albums] studio albums.

Has U2VEVO collaborated with other artists?

Yes, U2 has collaborated with various artists throughout their career, including [list of artists].